We have a proven record of providing detailed and accurate estimates.  This is a direct result of our knowledge of job conditions, labor productive, operations and various market conditions.

Our portfolio of cost estimating projects includes corporate clients, universities and federal agencies.

We provide constructability services at any document milestone from Design Documents through Construction Documents.  A comprehensive review of a document set is performed so that potential issues are identified and can be corrected, estimated costs can be verified and VE options can be suggested.  Some examples include:

  • Identifying specification references within the individual sections and identifying any that are erroneous or irrelevant to the existing set
  • Identifying discrepancies between sheet/ spec indexes and their corresponding documents
  • Identifying detail tags within the drawing sheets that are erroneous or irrelevant to the existing set
  • Identifying constructability issues within the document set
  • Providing a detailed and regional cost estimate of the document set
  • Providing VE options, upon request, to help bring proposed construction within an established budget

This service includes an all-inclusive review spreadsheet that can be filtered by drawing, discipline, issue, etc. for each document set reviewed. This will allow the end user to easily manage changes and corrections to the document set resulting in a high quality finished product.

Value Engineering contributes to the overall management objectives of improving quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.  PEG Contracting will help sort through wants from needs and risk identification.  Our recommendations are based on long-term return, rather than initial construction expense.

Scheduling is the foundation of the success of a project.  Our pre-construction team will apply years of experience within the industry to produce reliable project schedule and provide recurring reviews and updates.  We provide the necessary documentation to make informed decisions, obtain approval and secure funding for capital projects.

Our team of experts provide auditing services at any stage of a project. Whether it be contract related, project specific, or process driven, PEG Contracting provides a detailed risk assessment to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness.


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