Reputation is everything.  PEG team members are part of the community.  Our entire company workforce not only works in the region, but also calls this area home.  Over the years, PEG Contracting has assembled and cultivated a very talented team that has decades of experience in this area and with the local subcontractors.

The life sciences sector is subject to strict regulations and standards when it comes to equipment, materials, structures and components.  Our quality control standards assure compliance with contractual specifications and mandatory regulations.

By taking ownership of project and being the single point of contact, PEG Contracting communicates with vendors, designers, engineers and suppliers throughout the duration of a project.  This will mitigate delays and limit modifications.  This also ensures all utilities, blocking and connections are in place and equipment and materials are delivered at the correct phase.  The end result is a research ready facility completed in both a timely and financially responsible manner.

After researching requirements, time frames, fees and approvals required, PEG Contracting fills out paperwork and manages receipts.  We also negotiate with local jurisdictions and manage corrections on the Owner’s behalf. With experts local to the area, we streamline and simplify the often complicated process, getting projects approved quickly.


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