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PEG Contracting Inc. was founded by Scott D. McEntee as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business construction management firm. With experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory research facilities, vivariums, and ag-bio facilities, Life Sciences is at the core of our culture.

Our efforts are focused, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges our clients face.   We are committed to providing effective solutions to our clients’ needs. We value the client experience above almost all aspects of business, which can be seen in the decisions we make, the policies we implement, and how our employees are trained.

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Over 75 Years Combined Experience | Over $1 Billion in Construction

Scott McEntee
Chief Executive Officer

Scott McEntee, Chief Executive Officer, is the founder of PEG Contracting with over 20 years of industry experience. He has over $1 billion in construction experience in various industries including life-sciences, pharmaceutical, ag-bio, and mixed-use development. He is responsible for leading the vision and strategic direction of the company as well as managing the overall operations and resources. Drawing on his experienced background as well as his military service, Scott’s proven leadership enables him to drive growth and innovation for the company.

Chris Horn
Chief Financial Officer

Chris Horn has over 20 years of industry experience. He is responsible for managing the company’s financial health and supporting our strategic initiatives to help advance our growth goals. As a member of the Leadership Team, Chris is responsible for managing the daily operations of our project and cost management groups and identifies financial opportunities for the company. He oversees our financial corporate function as well as HR and procurement. Chris monitors compliance with laws and regulations and assures legal and regulatory documents are filed on behalf of the company. Additionally, Chris has proven capabilities in team leadership, contract management, schedule development, and project management.

Pablo Hernandez
Director of Project Management Services

Pablo Hernandez brings over 25 years of practice in project management, site operations, and infrastructure development. He’s a proven leader with the fine-tuned ability to lead both local and remote teams across global organizations to deliver high-quality business results while maximizing productivity. As part of the Leadership Team, Pablo collaborates on the development of the company’s overall strategic objectives with a specific focus on driving the growth and innovation of the Project Management Services Group. He is a strategic thinker, with the ability to forecast the industry needs, developing innovative action plans while managing millions of dollars of capital. Relationships are important to Pablo, and he works closely with our clients to ensure that every project is completed to PEG Contracting’s standards and exceeds the clients’ expectations.

Conor Clarke
Director of Cost Management

Conor Clarke has over a decade of successful team management and leadership, market analysis, and customized cost estimating solutions. He has thorough knowledge of all cost management concepts and practices and is a proven thought-leader with a history of work in the Healthcare, Education, Judicial/Correctional, Hospitality, Themed Entertainment, Defense, and Civil sectors. He’s designed and deployed parametric estimating systems and estimating training programs for internal and external use, which are still used by various federal departments. Conor oversees the Analytics and Forecasting team and has provided market analyses to a diverse range of clients including public agencies and Fortune 500 companies. As part of the Leadership Team, he develops and executes strategic objectives for the Cost Management Group in all aspects including business and sector development, professional development, and estimating standards/practices. He believes uncompromising standards, commitment to customer service, and maintaining a finger on the pulse of the finance and construction industries are necessary precursors to a successful cost management practice.

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Commitment to Safety

Our entire construction team is an OSHA 30 or higher certified

Industry Degrees and Certifications

Our staff has earned various industry related degrees and certifications from reputable colleges, universities and organizations

Associations and Organizations

PEG Team members actively participate in industry associations and are passionate about supporting community organizations


Each team member has been recruited and hand-selected because of their talent and experiences.  The collective goal of our dedicated staff of professionals is to provide world class construction management services to each of our clients.


Our team of highly skilled professionals bring deep industry specific knowledge firmly rooted in the business world.  Our staff leverages the educational foundation achieved from accredited Universities throughout the United States.  By pursuing additional certifications and continuing education credits, each team member stays attuned to current industry trends.


PEG members actively participate in various industry associations, sit on committees and hold board positions.

PEG’s commitment to the community is demonstrated through each employee’s personal generosity to local organizations and non-profits.